Product Sectors

Eurasia Rail - Turkey's leading transport exhibition

  • Excavation, loading, decoration and tunnel construction
  • Concrete/asphalt roads and trench construction machinery, road digging machinery and maintenance machinery
  • Road and land flattening equipment
  • Drilling, pounding and extraction equipment, compressed air and hydraulic tools, compressors, subsurface water level reduction equipment and construction pumps
  • Cement and plaster preparation, compression, transport machinery and facilities
  • Production facilities and equipment for stone, pebble, sand, lime, gypsum, cement, and other covering or filling materials
  • Production facilities and equipment for cement, lime and gypsum-based prefabrication components
  • Mining machinery and equipment
  • Stone mining facilities and machinery, natural stone processing and artificial stone production equipment
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Lifting, amplifying and transportation systems and equipment 
  • Heavy construction equipment, vehicles and power technology for construction material machinery (engines, gearboxes, drive shaft, etc.)
  • Spare parts and lubrication systems
  • Scaffold moulding, cutting systems and equipment and trench digging equipment
  • Measuring and levelling equipment
  • Production facilities for construction equipment
  • Work safety equipment
  • Machinery and equipment for processing building materials
  • Industrial tools
  • Industrial engines and generators
  • Public service providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Professional institutions 
  • Press